Oldal kiválasztása

A reminder of the procedure and especially the time schedule are slightly different from last year (see the deadlines in bold). We hope this reminder will help you to make all arrangements necessary for the internal vote in your country.


• To award a prize to the best European film of the year, in accordance with our two mayor criteria: cinematographic quality and the Christian/human values in the content
• To promote the name “SIGNIS” as a quality label in cinema

Which films?
• All films produced or co-produced by countries in Europe
• Co-productions with countries outside of Europe are excluded

Which period?
• The film has to be released in a cinema during the year
• Year: from December 1st until November 30th

Who can vote?
• Each national member of SIGNIS has the right to vote
• Each country has one vote
• The country/national member organizes the internal vote according to their own judgement

Who coordinates?
• There’s a committee of four members
• Members: SIGNIS Europe president & vice-president
SIGNIS Secretariat: two members of the Cinema-desk

Voting procedure
• First Round
° Each national SIGNIS association sends a list of five films released during the past year in their country
° The list has an order of preference: 1st = 5 points; 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points, …
° The list is sent to the general secretariat and the President of SIGNIS Europe before the end of December.
• Second Round
° The committee counts all the votes. This leads to a list of five nominated films for the award.
° The committee sends out this list before January 10th to all national SIGNIS associations
° Each national SIGNIS association chooses from the five nominated films three films in order of preference
° This list of three films is sent to the committee before the end of January.
• Final Round
° The committee works out according to the same system (1st=3 points, 2nd=2 points, 3rd=1 point) which is the final winner
° The committee sends out the results to all members and to the press offices before February 15th.

Way of communication

• By email: jos.horemans@advalvas.be, guido.convents@signis.net
• The International Film Festival Infinity in Alba (Italy) will host our prize.
The prize will be handed over to the director or the producer during the Closing Ceremony of the festival. Exact date has to be confirmed (March or April 2010).

Nature of the prize
• Same medal as the other awards but with inscription “SIGNIS Award for Best European Film 2009”.

Jos Horemans
SIGNIS Europe, President