Oldal kiválasztása

This movie of great artistic value benefits from a remarkable group of actors and follows the daily rhytm of work and liturgy. It depicts the sacrifice of the monks of Tibhirine (Algeria 1996) choosing to maintain their peaceful presence despite surrounding violence. The deep humanity of the monks, their respect for Islam and their generosity towards their village neighbours make the reason for our choice.

And two Commendations to

Another Year by Mike Leigh (England, 2010)
Along the rhythm of the seasons, friendship and tenderness bring together ordinary people dealing with the joys and pains of everyday life.  Clear directing and great acting combine to express authentic relations. It’s up to everyone to be responsible of his own life.

Poetry  by Lee Chang-Dong (South Korea, 2010)

Through the charm of poetry, Mija, a decent grandmother weakened by disease and culpability, opens up to a contemplative perception of the world.

The 2010 Jury:
Michèle DEBIDOUR, President, France; Jos HOREMANS, Belgium
Sanne E. GRUNNET, Denmark; Tomas STRAKA, Slovakia
Julia HELMKE,Germany; Jacques VERCUEIL, France